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This is a master post for tracking the SG-1, v.2.0 series. I will update it whenever there is something new to add.

SG-1, v.2.0 is a crossover fic series, involving elements of Stargate SG-1, Eureka, and the Mini!verse AU as found in miniotp.

The Stories So Far
See headers for rating, spoilers, and pairings.
1. Starting Over
2. Version 2.0
Vignette: Someone New
3. Buy You a New Life
4. Transitions
5. I've Never
Vignette: Turn, Turn, Turn
6. Wishful Thinking
7. First Impressions
Vignette: Dizzy
Vignette: Thus Awoken
8. Your Old Man and My Old Man
Vignette: When in Rome

With a Little Help From My Friends
* Story 7 comes with a companion piece by raisintorte, I Didn't Like You Anyway.

* With grateful thanks to my SG-1, v. 2.0 beta-reading team, pixie_on_acid, daisycm83, and raisintorte.

Frequently Asked Questions
About the AU Canon
WARNING: These questions contain spoilers for the stories in the series.

Why did you...
I've had a few of these questions, and I will answer the ones I remember here. But if you have a question about something I wrote in one of these stories, please comment and I will do my best to answer.

Does clone!Teal'c have the forehead tattoo?
No. Nor would clone!Jack have a scar across his eyebrow. They only inherited genetic traits when they were cloned.

Wouldn't Daniel have glasses?
No. Most people have eyesight that weakens over time. Daniel is technically only a month old.

You say Daniel and Cam are almost identical. Wouldn't Daniel have been a nerdy teen?
Remember that clone!Daniel has adult Daniel's mind. Though he's chronologically a teen, he's outgrown the awkwardness he had as a teenager the first time. Also, the negative physical factors we associate with being nerdy - bad skin and hair, for example - wouldn't be a factor for someone in a month-old body. Being that they are roughly the same height and build and have similar facial features as adults, it's fair to assume that they would look very similar at this age without the external factors that originally shaped their appearances as children.

In Wishful Thinking, Jack isn't able to get a firearms permit. Why?
Although the legal age to get a firearms permit in most places is 18 (Jack is 19), local ordinances vary. In some places, you have to be 21. I figure, all things considered, Eureka is likely to have tighter restrictions. It's not exactly the safest town without armed teenagers running around. The occasional Giant Death Ray on Main Street is enough for poor Sheriff Carter to deal with.

Other Questions
I want to follow the series; is it okay if I friend you?
Yes, it's okay, but you don't have to friend me to follow the series. I will update this post every time that I publish something new, and I will also post announcements to gate_haven, eureka_haven, and miniotp.

Can I write a story for this AU?
I'd really appreciate it if you wouldn't. At least not yet. Here's the deal:

Being that this is an AU, anything written for the series becomes a part of the universe's canon. I have a number of stories planned out, and if anyone else writes for the series at this point in time, that endangers my plans for the canon. There is a point when I will have told all the stories I plan to tell. At that point, I will offer the series up to fandom at large for everyone to do with as they will. (The exception to this rule is my beta team, who are fully aware of what my plans for the series are and will work with me closely on anything they care to add. But they are the only ones who are privy to those plans at this point.)

If you have a plot bunny for the series that just won't hop away, why not suggest it to me? I might save you the trouble and write it for you.

How often do you update?
There is no set time frame, and so far it varies pretty widely. Track this post if you want to keep track of updates.

Post your questions, comments, or suggestions here!