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Fanfic Archive

This is a complete and exhaustive list of all my completed fanfiction, organized by fandom.

Present count:
39 Fandoms
1 self-created crossover universe
2 established AUs

for a total of 42 fandoms written

Note: Please read headers for warnings and trigger ratings. Stories with common potential triggers are rated as either "Yellow" for content that has a small possibility of being triggering, or "Red" for something that could very possibly be triggering.

Stargate SG-1:
Taking All the Fun Out - Het, T, Sam/Jack
Subtext - Het, T, references to Sam/Jack, Jack/Freya, Daniel/Anise, and Daniel/Janet
Escape - Het, K+, Sam/Jack, Sam/Pete
Ten Easy Steps - Het, K+, Sam/Jack
Bad Way to Start a Good Day - Het, T, Sam/Jack, Jack/Kerry
Talking - Het, T, Sam/Jack
Rebound - Het, T, Sam/Jack
Permanent Divide - Het, T, Sam/Jack
Rules of Engagement - Gen, K, Sam/Jack, Sam/Pete
Unspoken - Het, T, Sam/Jack
Balance - Gen, K, Sam
Reeling In - Het, K, Sam/Jack
Sick Day - Het, K, Daniel/Vala-ish
He Broke Them - Het, M, Sam/Daniel
Great Drabble Project: Untitled - Het, T, Daniel/Vala
Ordinary Words - Het, K, Sam/Jack
Something to Remember Me By - Het/Slash, M, Sam/Rodney/Jonas
Untitled Timestamp Ficlet - Het, T, Sam/?
Hazardous Activities: Epilogue to Great Drabble Project - Untitled - Het, T+, Daniel/Vala
A Brief History of the Bigger Fool - Gen, K, Harry Maybourne
They Can't Take That Away From Me - Gen, K, Sam/Jack
Untitled Drabble - Het, K+, Teal'c/Vala
It Must Be Our Lucky Night - Het, T+, Daniel/Vala, Sam

Stargate Atlantis:
Road Trip - Gen, K, John & Rodney, mentions of John/Elizabeth
Count as Lost - Gen, K, Rodney
Storm Damage - Gen, T; John, Rodney, Elizabeth
Things Left Behind - Het, K, John/Elizabeth
The Warning - Het, K, Zelenka/Weir
The Hot Date - Gen, T+, John, Elizabeth
A Perfect Fit - Het, T, John/Elizabeth
Great Drabble Project: Untitled Epilogue to A Perfect Fit - Het, K+, John/Elizabeth
A Kiss is Every Other Kiss - Het, K+, John/Elizabeth
Vacation at Base 12 - Het, K+, Cadman/McKay
Secret Admirer - Het, K+, John/Elizabeth
Full Slate: Five Tabula Rasa Drabbles - Gen, K, various (hints of Dex/Keller)
Walk on the Ocean, Step on the Stones - Het, K+, Dex/Keller

SG-1/Eureka Crossovers:
Master List for the Series
Starting Over - Gen, K
Version 2.0 - Gen, K
Someone New - Het, K, Sam/Jack
Buy You a New Life - Gen, K
Transitions - Het, K, Sam/Jack
I've Never - Gen, T
Timestamp Ficlets - Het, T, Sam/Jack
Wishful Thinking - Gen, K
First Impressions - Het, K, Sam/Jack, mention of Sam/Nathan
Thus Awoken - Gen, K
Your Old Man and My Old Man - Het, T, Daniel/Vala, Cam/Zoe
When in Rome - Gen, K+

Gateverse Comm-based AUs:
Open Sesame - shermer_high AU, Het, K, John/Elizabeth, Rodney
Secrets of Science Revealed - shermer_high AU, Gen, K, Rodney and John
The Paint Job - shermer_high AU, Gen, K, Team
The Midnight Train Going Anywhere - shermer_high AU, Gen, T, Ronon
Room for One More - jack_built AU, Gen, K; Jonas, Jack, Sam

True Home - Het, T+, Trip/T'Pol
Gossip - Het, M, Malcolm/Hoshi
Great Drabble Project: Untitled - Het, K, Trip/T'Pol
I Feel Fine - Het, K+, Trip/T'Pol
Only Human - Het, K, Trip/T'Pol, Lorian

Enterprise/Whoverse Crossover:
The Accidental Tourists - Gen, K, Trip and Malcolm

(see above for Trekverse/Whoverse crossover)

Doctor Who:
Aging Soldiers in an Ancient War - Gen, K+, Nine, Rose

(see above for Trekverse/Whoverse crossover)

Battlestar Galactica:
Penance - Het, M, Kara/MC, Kara/Lee
Always With Her - Gen, K+, Kara
Name Unknown - Het, T+, Sharon/Tyrol
Jealous Again - Het, M, Lee/Kara/Helo
Twisted Bonds - Het, T, Kara/Zak, Kara/Lee
Divided - Gen, T, Tyrol (mention of Sharon/Tyrol)
Small Comfort - Gen, K+, Lee and Tigh
Self-Help - Het, T+, various characters
Puppet - Het, M, Gaius/Six
Caution in Love - Het, K, Dee/Billy
Great Drabble Project: Untitled - Het, T, Kara/Lee
Among the Lost - Het, T, Kara/Anders, Kara/Lee
Hide a While in Death - Gen, T, Tyrol
Two Drabbles from Comment Fic - Gen, K, Chief, Roslin and Zarek
A New Dawn, A New Day - Gen, K, Kara and Adama

Equal Partners - Gen, T, Matt and Audrey
But Now I See - Gen, K+, Petrellis
Five Ways Noah Bennett Lives - Gen, T; Noah, various characters
Always - Gen, K; Noah, Nathan, Claire

Dark Angel:
Superman Never Made Any Money - Het, K, Max/Logan
I Don't, I Can't, I Do - Het, T, Max/Logan
Let Your Freak Flag Fly - Het, K, Max/Logan

Control - Het, M, Mal/Inara
Wasted Words - Het, K, Mal/Inara
Great Drabble Project: Untitled - Gen, K, Mal
By Any Other Name - Gen/Het, T, River-centric, Crew
The Full Weight of Our Burdens - Gen, K+, Simon, River

The 4400:
Great Drabble Project: Untitled - Het, K, Tom/Alana
Too Blue to Fly - Gen, K+, Richard, Isabelle
When In Need - 2 Het, 1 Gen vignette, K - T, Richard/Lilly, Marco/Diana, Shawn and Danny

(see above for SG-1/Eureka crossovers)
Extreme Home Makeover - Gen, K+, Jack; SARAH; Fargo

John Doe:
Where There's No More Rain - Gen, K, John, Karen

Can't Take the Sky From Me - Gen, K, Rich

A Moment, Frozen - Het, K, D'Argo/Lo'Lann

Safe Driver - Het, T, Gibbs/Abby
Improper Bliss - Het, M, Kate/Gibbs
Strangers & Friends - Gen, K, Team
Public Places - Het, T+, McGee/?
The Ev0l Parody - Slash, T+, Gibbs/Tony/McGee
Great Drabble Project: Untitled - Het, K+, surprise pairing
No Sun in My Sky - Gen, K+, Team
Any Game You Play - Het, M, Shepard/Gibbs
The Great Escape - Gen, K, Team
You Can't Hide - Het, T, Tony/Kate
Five Oddest Places Ducky Ever Found a Bullet - Gen, K+, Ducky, Jimmy
Abby Scuito's Five Favorite Pairs of Socks - Gen, K, Abby
Driven Back to You - Het, K, McGee/Abby

Without A Trace:
Things Left Unsaid - Het, T, Sam/Martin, various characters
Great Drabble Project: Untitled - Het, K+, Sam/Martin
Fifteen Minutes to Twelve Steps - Gen, K+, Danny and Martin
Our Hands Could Even Touch - Het, K, Sam/Jack
Five Reasons Martin Doesn't Go Home for Dinner - Gen, T, Martin

Criminal Minds
I Think I Can Help With That: Criminal Minds Needs More Het - Het, four ficlets ranging from K - M; Reid/JJ, Morgan/Garcia, Morgan/Prentiss, Hotch/Strauss
Not for Nothing - Het, T, Prentiss/Reid
Hidden Wounds - Gen, T, Hotch & Prentiss
Five Topics Spencer Reid Knows Nothing About - Gen, K+, Reid, Team

Bill and I Are on a Break - Gen, T Reese and Crews
Into the Past - Gen, K+, Reese and Crews
Inside Ourselves, A Hidden Sun - Het, T, Reese and Crews

Red Cap:
Untitled Ficlet - Het, T, Jo/Roper
Going Soft - Het, T, Frost/Vicary

In Plain Sight:
What's in a Name - Gen, K+, Mary, Marshall
What You Need - Het, M, Mary/Marshall

Crossing Jordan
Great Drabble Project: Untitled - Het, K, Woody/Jordan
What Was Always There - Gen, K, Jordan, James

Law & Order: SVU:
Descent - Het, M, Benson/Stabler
I Didn't Wish You Well - Het, K, Benson/Stabler

Law & Order: Criminal Intent:
Every Time You Lie - Het, K+, Goren/Eames UST

Veronica Mars
Ghosts in My Room - Gen, K+, Veronica
Reunion - Gen, T, Veronica, Eli, Logan, Duncan

The Closer
Chase Me Like a Shadow - Het, T, Gabriel/Brenda UST

CSI: New York
Five Reasons Lindsey Misses Danny Calling Her 'Montana' - Het, T, Lindsey/Danny

Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye
Untitled Ficlet - Gen, K, Sue and Jack

Life on Mars
Untitled Drabble - Gen, K, Sam

Rurouni Kenshin:
Cry in the Dark - Het, T, Kenshin/Kaoru

Avatar: The Last Airbender:
Never Wanted to Be This Free - Gen, K+, Aang

Batman Beyond
Easier Than Bein' Gone - Gen, K, Bruce

Robin Hood:
In the Balance - Het, K+, Guy/Marian, Robin/Marian
The Simple Act of Forgiveness - Gen, K, Robin and Much
Our House - Het, K, Much/Eve
Untitled Ficlet - Het, T, Will/Djaq

Friday Night Lights:
Who Calls the Plays? - Het, T, Matt/Carlotta

The Office
She Locked His Name in Her Deepest Cabinet... - Het, K, Jim/Pam UST

Studio 60
Can't Help But Think - Het, K+, Jordan/Danny
Quite a Catch - Het, K+, Jordan/Danny

All is Fair - Het, T+, Stanley/Mimi

Harry Potter
Dreams Awake - Het, T, hint of Sirius/Hermione UST
Where I Can Howl, Without the Neighbors Noticing - Het/Gen, T, Lupin/Tonks, S. Black
Take As Directed - Het, T, Ron/Hermione

Lord of the Rings
Tossing and Turning and Chanting and Burning - Gen, K+, Gandalf

Star Wars
When I Wake - Gen, T, Anakin