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[Red Cap] [Het] [T] Going Soft

Title: Going Soft
Genre: Romance
Pairing: Frost/Vicary
Rating: T
Length: 1,000 words
Spoilers: to the end of series two
Credits: With thanks to daisycm83 and goodisrelative for beta reading.

Summary: Harriet didn’t normally go in for all that happily ever after nonsense. She was getting soft in this cushy post.

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Title: Walk on the Ocean, Step on the Stones
Genre: Gen/hints of het, angst
Pairing: Dex/Keller
Spoilers: possible casting spoilers for season five
Length: 1770 words
Rating: K+
Credits: Thanks to pixie_on_acid and vflick for beta reading. Title from Walk on the Ocean by Toad the Wet Sprocket.
Summary: In the days since they'd lost the war against the Wraith, Ronon had often wondered whether coming to Earth was the right decision.

A/N: For the ronon_love Ronon Dex Thing-a-Thon. Written for wojelah, who asked for het with [Keller]; "What's gone and what's past help Should be past grief."; "Soon I am walking across the Atlantic thinking about Spain, checking for whales, waterspouts."

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[SG-1 + Eureka] [Gen] [K+] When in Rome

Part of the SG-1 v 2.0 AU series. Please see the Master List for other stories.

Title: When in Rome
Genre: Gen, Humor
Rating: Safe
Length: 290 words
Credits: Thanks to the lovely daisycm83 for the beta and triciabyrne1978
Follows: Your Old Man and My Old Man

Summary: Zoe teaches Cam the finer points of virtual bowling

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A new installment in the SG-1 v 2.0 series. Follows First Impressions. For the complete series, please see the series' Master List.

Title: Your Old Man and My Old Man
Rating: Teen
Pairings: sort of, vague, almost clone!Daniel/clone!Vala and clone!Cam/Zoe
Length: 1,300 words
Credits: Grateful thanks to daisycm83 for the beta work and triciabyrne1978 for serving as a muse and a technical consultant.

Summary: Vala developed a sudden desire to go bowling. They should’ve known she was up to something.

A/N: Points to you if you get the title.

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[SGA] [Gen] [K] The Picnic

Written for the Shep/Weir Ficathon.

Title: The Picnic
Author: Kate - squeelated
Written for: Sammi - little_whispers
Genre: Humor
Length: 1,800 words
Rating: Safe for all
Credits: Abundant thanks to pixie_on_acid for betaing above and beyond. Feel better!
Prompt: A "Sunday" style fic, in which we get more insight into the personal lives of our favorite team. Carson should be included and other pairings are allowed but John/Elizabeth MUST be the main focus.

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[Heroes] [Gen] [K] Always

Originally posted as part of the Family_Haven (Incest-free) Family Ficathon.

Title: Always
Rating: Safe for all
Spoilers: Set between season 1 and season 2
Word Count: 840
Written For: triciabyrne1978
Prompt: Claire Bennett and her fathers (both of them) together. Nice angst and awkwardness.
Author's Notes: Massive thanks to my fabulous editor friend, sailorcelestial for a last minute beta and for shooting from the hip. Hey, I picked a POV!
Summary: Noah takes Claire to say goodbye.

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[Red Cap] [Het] [T] Untitled Ficlet

Untitled Ficlet
Gen: Het
Pairing: Jo/Roper
Rating: T
Length: 174 words
Notes: This was written as comment-fic for lyssie

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[SG-1] [Het] [K+] Untitled Drabble

Untitled Drabble
Gen: Het
Rating: K+
Pairing: Teal'c/Vala
Length: 112 words
Notes: This was written as comment-fic for majorsamfan.

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[RH] [Het] [T] Untitled

Untitled Robin Hood Fic
Gen: Het, H/C
Length: 742 words
Rating: T
Pairing: Will/Djaq
Notes: This was written as comment fic for little_giddy.

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[Life] [G] [T] Into the Past

Title: Into the Past
Genre: Gen
Length: about 300 words
Rating: Teen-safe
Credits: Thanks to daisycm83 for beta reading and general brilliance.
Summary: "What was it like for you in prison?"

A/N: Written by request of pixie_on_acid, for our third friendiversary.

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