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This is a complete and exhaustive list of all my completed fanfiction, organized by fandom.

Present count:
39 Fandoms
1 self-created crossover universe
2 established AUs

for a total of 42 fandoms written

Note: Please read headers for warnings and trigger ratings. Stories with common potential triggers are rated as either "Yellow" for content that has a small possibility of being triggering, or "Red" for something that could very possibly be triggering.

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abby minions

[NCIS] [Gen] [T] Sliding Doors

Written for the ncis_ficathon, Round Three.

Title: Sliding Doors
Written for: infiniteviking
Prompt: Five times the elevator saved Gibbs's life.
Archive: upon request
Pairings: None. Totally Gen.
Rating: T
Disclaimer: I own nothing, nothing owns me.
Word Count: 2475
Author’s Notes: Thanks to pixie_on_acid and goodisrelative for speedy beta-reading. Although I’d like to note that I’m not late – as a pinch-hitter, I’m actually early. :-)

Summary: These are five separate stories based on the prompt, each in different time frames, different styles, and sometimes different tenses (which drove both my betas crazy).

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kara trouble

[BSG] [Gen] [K] A New Dawn, A New Day

Written for the Family_Haven (Incest-Free) Family Ficathon, Round 2, and demonstrating a broad definition of family.

Title: A New Dawn, A New Day
Rating: K
Spoilers: up to and including Revelations
Word Count: 518 words
Written For: frolicndetour
Prompt: Kara, Adama, Aurora statue (season four)
Author's Notes: (1) Thank you to sabaceanbabe for beta-reading. (2) The title has little to do with the fic. I was just in the mood for some Nina Simone.
Summary: How the Aurora statue came back into Kara’s hands after she’d given it to Adama.

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love slave

[Dark Angel] [Het] [K] Let Your Freak Flag Fly

Title: Let Your Freak Flag Fly
Genre: Missing scene
Pairing: Max/Logan
Setting: Freak Nation, in between the end of the Jam Pony standoff and the raising of the transgenic’s flag.
Length: 850 words
Rating: Safe for all
Credits: With gratitude to pixie_on_acid and rinkle for beta-reading.

Summary: Every revolution needs a public face. Logan is about to give them one.

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love slave

[Life] [Het] [T] Inside Ourselves, A Hidden Sun

Title: Inside Ourselves, A Hidden Sun
Rating: T
Length: 780 words
Genre: Probably het, but I think you can read it as gen too.
Characters: Charlie, Dani
Credits: Thanks go to goodisrelative for the beta and the inspiration, and my intrepid beta and writing mentor, pixie_on_acid. Also, the title is respectfully borrowed from the Barenaked Ladies.

Summary: It’s getting too hot for Dani.

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jack routine

[SG-1] [Het] [T+] It Must Be Our Lucky Night

Written for the daniel_vala ficathon, for oparu.

Title: It Must Be Our Lucky Night
Genre: Humor\Caper\Smut
Characters: Daniel, Vala, Sam, Jasec
Pairing: Daniel/Vala
Rating: sorta Teen+ to Adult-ish
Trigger rating: Yellow - Proceed with Caution
Length: 2,000 words
Spoilers: indirectly for 10x18: Family Ties
Prompt: Daniel in leather, chocolate, Sam giggling
Credits: With grateful thanks to vflick for brainstorming, beta-reading, and cheerleading, and groovekittie for a last-minute beta-reading and telling me where I needed to straighten up and fly right. If this is any good, most of the credit belongs to these two fabulous ladies.

Summary: Sam and Vala both get lucky.

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love slave

[Dark Angel] [Het] [T] I Don't, I Can't, I Do

Originally posted at for the femme_fic ficathon, written for promisetodepart

Title: I Don't, I Can't, I Do
Rating: T
-(Pairings) Max/Logan, Alec/Rachel
-(Other Featured Characters) Original Cindy, Joshua, Kendra
Spoilers: Entire series, specifically Berrisford Agenda and Freak Nation
Word Count: 2,018
Prompt: Marriage and Children
Credits: With grateful appreciation to rinkle for an insightful last minute beta.
Summary: In three years time, Max has learned a lot about love.

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